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E. Fay Jones is a world renowned architect and recipient of the 1990 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Gold Medal, the highest honor awarded by American architects. Jones has created some of the finest architecture of this century while leading the next generation of architects through his teaching, his architectural practice, and generous donation of time and energy to the field. Besides being Frank Lloyd Wright's apprentice and friend for many years, Jones has been inspired by close relationships with many renowned architectural figures including Bruce Goff, Edward Durrell Stone, and Charles Moore. Jones' pursuit of his own comprehensive design philosophy has led to architectural masterpieces such as Thorncrown Chapel, recognized as the most important building of the 1980's.

For the first time the full breadth and richness of Jones' work can be appreciated through several media including architectural drawings, photographs, audio/video as well as textual commentary and analysis. This CD-ROM presents Jones' design philosophy, educational approach, concepts, masterworks, and unbuilt projects. In addition to the material included in the book Fay Jones by Robert Ivy, which is the first book to examine Jones' work, this comprehensive CD-ROM expands that material and presents all of Jones' architectural designs. It covers over 250 structures and projects including residences, chapels, community buildings, pavilions and more. Prairie Multimedia has been given access to Mr. Jones' archives which include personal photos, rare speeches and interviews, concept sketches and drawings, floorplans, etc. Original drawings and design materials from Fay Jones' office archives are used extensively along with unpublished material and in-depth personal interviews with the architect.

Fay Jones CD-ROM Questions and Answers

Question: Give me the top 10 list of Jones most well-recognized structures.
Answer: Items listed below are included in the book Fay Jones by Robert Ivy. For additional information look at "au", a Japanese architecture periodical, which has an edition featuring Jones' work.

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