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   Excerpts from a review in CD-ROM Today.
(Has since split into BOOT & MAC Addict magazines)

"What distinguishes [The Frank Lloyd Wright] Companion from Houses is the scope of its coverage. The later [Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright CD-ROM] focuses on 80 of the Wright's residential projects, while [The Frank Lloyd Wright] Companion documents every Wright building, including such obscure commissions as the doghouse he designed in 1956 for a client's son."

"The main menu is divided into seven chronological sections with several browsing options. The text accompanying each building is thorough and well written. Storrer sets each project in its particular context, providing details about the client, time and place of building and changes made to the structure over time."

"maps are provided to help locate Wright's buildings."

" the Companion is a more thorough catalog and provides a better introduction to the work of this master architect."

RATING for The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion: 4 Discs (out of maximum of 5)

To read entire review of "
The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion; Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright: The Wright reference tools on CD-ROM", by Ingrid Bush, CD-ROM Today, p. 84, July 1996.

Excerpts from a review by James Garrison of the Philadelphia AIA Chapter:

"The quality of the images, interface, and ability to export the contents to hard copy or other applications are first rate. Unlike most CD-ROM's, the disk's color images have been stored in a compressed 24-bit (16 million) color format. This format allows users with the appropriate hardware to experience full color views that can be panned and zoomed to large magnifications without losing clarity. The disk's uncompressed picture files contain over 2.5 gigabytes of data."

"The Companion's keystone is the plans, all redrawn by Storrer to show the buildings' as-built state, not the sometime idealized versions published by Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship. [can] be viewed, edited, and printed layered like CAD drawings so text and graphics can be `turned off' or additional information can be added without affecting the underlying image. There is a sophisticated text search feature and index that contains maps, and relation topics such as discussion of his geometrical and construction principles."

"The Companion makes extensive use of hypertext links for various projects and topics so moving between subjects is easy. It also allows the user to place bookmarks and keep a trail of previously viewed subjects."
- "Look Who's Wired: Frank Lloyd Wright on CD-ROM" by James Garrison of the Philadelphia AIA, Philadelphia AIA Newsletter, 1995.

Quotes from WIRED Magazine:

"If you are not lucky enough to live close to one of his creations, try viewing The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion, a CD-ROM that's enlightening even to those of us who have spent years searching out examples of the architect's monumental are worldwide."

"The [high resolution] images and astute commentaries by Wright scholar William Allin Storrer (author of the book that serves as the foundation for this disc) convey the sense of seeing each building from a novel angle."

"best of all, photos and floor plans for virtually every building Wright designed."

"Spend a few hours with this program and you'll catch yourself practicing Wright-thinking. You'll begin to see that the structures humans erect on Earth's surface can be a form of harmonious praise to nature."
-" The Wright Stuff", by Norman Weinstein, WIRED Magazine, p. 161, August 1996.

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