Lionel®: A Collector's Guide and History
CD-ROM Series



Series Description:

The Lionel®: A Collectors Guide and History CD-ROM product series covers the entire history of Lionel's train products, sets, variations and the history of the company. Information is presented interactively through a fun and easy to use point and click on-screen interface. The series contains vast resources of media and information on Lionel's train products using high resolution photos, descriptive text, music, and video clips of trains and accessories in operationrarity and pricing estimates in the collectors marketplace. The series will ultimately comprise three separate CD-ROM titles, each covering a major era of Lionel train production:

The complete Lionel set will be the most comprehensive reference for Lionel train collectors by drawing on the vast materials published by TM Books & Video as well as other outstanding photographic resources.

Purchasing Product

Retail price of each CD-ROM in the series is $59.95 US
Ask about series discounts.

The Lionel®: Collector's Guide & History CD-ROM Series is available from:

Platform Compatibility: PC (Win3.1 & Windows 95) and on Macintosh/PowerPC.

Minimum System Requirements for PC:

Minimum System Requirements for Macintosh/PowerPC:

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