Frank Lloyd Wright Companion Technical Support

For new Microsoft Operating Systems...
If you are having problems installing the Frank Lloyd Wright Companion CD-ROM on your Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98, or Windows NT system. Please download the new flwcinstall.exe (1.4MB) installation program.

All of the pictures on the CD-ROM utilize Fractal Image compression technology from Iterated Systems, Inc. A browser plug-in to view the Fractal Image files can be gotten from The Altamira Group.

All the floor plans on the CD-ROM were drawn using Deneba Software's Canvas tool (version 3.5, .cvs format files). A demo version of the tool is supplied on the CD-ROM. Using the fully functional version of Canvas 3.5 up to Canvas 7 (must be purchased separately), the floorplans can be modified/altered and saved.

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